What is is a platform which allows to easily perform professional business forecasts using advanced methods and statistical algorithms. It is an easy-to-use fully automated calculating platform which does not require any specialist knowledge from the user.
Watch the video how easy it is to perform forecasts on businessForecast.eul platform.

To whom is dedicated? is dedicated to practitioners who need forecasts based on their data, among others, such as the amount of sold products, raw material prices or turnover amount. This might be useful for analysts, controlling specialists, management assistants, managers and other people who deal with planning and strategic management.

Can a private person register in the system?
Yes, anyone can create an account at The registration process itself is very simple and there is no need to fill in any complicated registration form.

What forecast methods are applicable at the platform? offers 10 fully automated forecasting methods which are: four moving averages (adaptive, exponential, arithmetic and weighted), five statistical models (Holt, Component, SARIMA, Trend and Winters). The tenth method is called “The Expert Method” since it combines all the other applied methods. The total number of all available combinations used for the forecasting purposes exceeds 500. Click here to read more about forecast methods.

Do I need advanced specialist knowledge to perform a forecast?
No. Our platform is designed so that every user, regardless of the possessed knowledge, could easily perform forecasts based on the data she/he has. It is user friendly and doable thanks to automatically generated scripts which are designed in such way that creating any forecast was easy and effortless for the end user.

What types of accounts are there on the platform
There are three types of accounts available on our platform: Basic, Advanced and Advanced Pro. They are adjusted to the users’ needs and expectations in relation to the chosen service. Click here to find out more about accounts.

Do I need to install any additional software to use the service? offers their customers a platform with software available in the technology called ‘software as a service’, therefore it does not require installing any additional software , it operates in the "cloud". The service is independent of the operating system, device or location. The user must only have access to the internet and a PC with one of the popular internet browsers enabled with JavaScript support.

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